Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of grants

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10 Jul 2023


Grant seekers are actively testing how Chat GPT and other AI (artificial intelligence) tools can improve their chances with grants.

At The Grants Hub we have been keeping an eye on this space. It’s exciting to think about where technology will take our community. AI has the potential to increase opportunities and reduce barriers to accessing grant funding.

Here’s what we think so far - about AI and grants in Australia.

AI will change operations, for the better.

Take a look at what Bill Gates has said on this subject: AI will revolutionise productivity.

As a for-purpose business, we’ve experienced subtle changes already. The Grants Hub relies on cloud-based tools to help us collaborate, communicate and manage projects efficiently.

The products and services we use are rapidly innovating to integrate AI. We have experienced the benefits and these will help us work smarter as a team.

AI will help us innovate and continually improve your membership experience, so that you can find the right grants.

You can also benefit from these advances and build your organisation’s operating capacity.

AI can help with grant writing.

Before, if writing wasn’t your strength this could be a real drawback when it came to grants. Writer's block, imposter’s syndrome, uneven skill levels, fear of failure with writing - these were definitely barriers to entering and succeeding in the grants world.

Now, anyone can try using platforms like ChatGPT to help get started with grant writing or to finesse and improve your writing.

Charities, community groups and small businesses who are under-resourced feel more capable of applying for more grants than ever before. This is great news!

Just remember - nothing can replace the human factor that grant applications require to succeed.

ChatGPT and other platforms offer one tool in your toolbox. If you cut and paste an AI generated response into any old application form, you will not improve your chances of success.

You still need to:

  • Search for and find the right grant opportunities

  • Build relationships with funders

  • Create compelling, emotive content

  • Ensure your unique voice, story, and aims is evident across your applications

  • Consider hiring an expert (you can find a list of professional Grant Writers here).

Grants might get more competitive.

As more people and organisations apply for more grants:

  • Grant programs may become more competitive

  • Funding providers may narrow their funding criteria, or release more invitation-only (closed) grant rounds

  • It may take longer for funding providers to assess applications and let you know if you were successful.

It will be as important as ever to make sure you are grant-ready before you put time and energy into a grant application. 

To save time and resources, consider using a grants directory like The Grants Hub. We can help you find the right grants in one place, so that you can focus on the other critical work you need to do to win grants.

Funding providers will use AI, too.

Like you, funding providers often operate with small teams and limited resources.The need for grants in Australia is huge, and some programs receive hundreds or even thousands of applications.

AI will enable funding providers to assess the eligibility and quality of applications more quickly and efficiently.

Funding providers will use AI to:

  • Check if you are eligible to apply and to see if your application is complete

  • Help with your questions

  • Find out if you have used AI to write your application

  • Produce more detailed reporting that will influence decision-making.

We’re staying positive about these possibilities. We hope that funding providers will use AI to improve your experience as a grant applicant as much as their own processes. 

Funding providers will also increase funding programs for artificial intelligence projects. As a result, more organisations will be able to design and use AI powered solutions to increase their capacity, efficiency, and capability.

Organisations will be able to support more people in their communities and to do this more effectively.

Watch this space.

There are grants for artificial intelligence (AI) projects open right now. Here are a few examples:

Westpac Scholars - Research Fellowship

Funds early career researchers working on something ground-breaking.

Applications close 4 Sep 2023

View & Track Grant  |  Apply Now

Digital Jobs for Manufacturing

Offers grants of up to $5000 to assist Victorian manufacturing businesses adapt to a digital operating environment.

Applications close 31 March 2024

View & Track Grant  |  Apply Now

AI for Earth Azure Compute Credit Grant

Provides access to Microsoft resources to support projects that change the way people and organizations monitor, model, and manage Earth’s natural systems.

Always Open

View & Track Grant  |  Apply Now

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