Grants in Australia Report

A recent report published by Our Community Pty Ltd presents feedback from 1,227 grant seeking organisations across Australia and provides valuable insights for both grant seekers and grant makers.

A troubling finding of the report, particularly given the resource challenges of grant seeking organisations, advises that over half of the organisations surveyed reported they’d started an application that were not submitted. The variety of reasons outlined in the report points to the importance of planning and implementation of systems to support the grant application process.

If nothing else, the review of grant eligibility criteria is ‘must do’ for grant seekers. Although identifying early on that your project or entity type does not align with the criteria may be disappointing, it will save hours in the long run. Furthermore, making contact with the funding body to clarify your questions about criteria and eligibility is equally important. If the fit isn’t right the contact may lead you to another funder who is more appropriate.

The investment of time in setting up a system to support the grant application process, often referred to as grant readiness, allows organisations to identify funding opportunities that align with their overall strategy and most importantly avoid the practice of trying to fit a square plug into a round hole.

The misalignment will stand out to funding bodies and waste valuable time of both grant seeker and funder.

Grant readiness systems can include a set of information containing a ‘wish list’ created during the strategic planning process, which may include evidence to support the project needs; along with sets of fundamental documents usually required by funders. Preparation is the key to minimising the time required to complete grant application and maximise the success rate of grant applications. That’s what we all want don’t we?

Lesley Harris
Capacity Building Coordinator
The Grants Hub


Read the full Grants in Australia report (links to external website)


$20,000+ Grants


This week we have a focus on $20,000 plus grants.

If you have all your documentation in order, don't be afraid to apply for larger funding amounts. The applications may be longer than those for smaller funding amounts, but the return on investment for the time you spend on the application could well pay off.

If you don't have your documentation in order yet, make sure you:

  • Set some fundraising goals now for 2018
  • Take the time to read funding guidelines for programs you would like to apply for in future rounds so you know what you need to have ready
  • Start a grants file so that you have draft application responses and supporting documentation ready to tweak for each application
  • Get project costings done and work out your co-contribution so you know how much you need to apply for.

If this all sounds like too much work, you may be interested in contacting one of our team members to help.

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & Managing Director

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Creative Learning Partnerships

Provides the opportunity for Victorian schools to partner with creative professionals or arts and cultural organisations.

Up to $35,000|  09 Oct 2017  |  VIC


World-Class Accelerator Program

Focuses on building capability and excellence, by funding organisation(s) to deliver world-class accelerator program(s) that will further enhance the Victorian startup ecosystem.

Up to $3,000,000|  10 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Community Education Program Grants

Supports Australian youth under two categories: Empowerment & Education; and Outreach Programs.

Up to $50,000|  13 Oct 2017  |  National


Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

The Foundation offers funding for a broad range of community needs and aims to fund projects that are focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged local people.

$10,000 - $500,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Community Program Grants

Aims to enhance protective factors of offenders in relation to their recidivism. Community Program Grants may have longer delivery timeframes or require significant investments by the funded organisation.

Up to $40,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  SA


Building Stronger Communities Grants Program - Community Facility Maintenance

Aims to improve the quality of a facility; increase, maintain or enhance participation and community access; or improve the flexibility of the facility so it encourages the development of multi-use, sharing and co-locating facilities.

Up to $100,000|  23 Oct 2017  |  QLD


Strong & Resilient Communities - National Research Grants

Funds one-off research and advice projects that impact on community resilience and social cohesion in Australia and reflect current Government priorities, address emerging issues and/or providing innovative solutions to issues of national significance.

$20,000 - $150,000|  26 Oct 2017  |  National



Sustainable Regions Grants - Seed Grant

Helps build, test or pilot innovative ideas or help organisations get started through core operations and capacity building. Targeted at charitable and social enterprise projects.

$100,000 - $1,000,000|  27 Oct 2017  |  National


Harold & Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust

Provides funding to support the purchase of equipment and instruments for the purpose of medical research into all aspects of medicine or surgery.

$10,000 - $40,000  |  27 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Impact Investment Ready - Discovery Grant

Supports not-for-profit organisations to explore pathways to financial sustainability and plant the seed for impact investment propositions.

Up to $50,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  National


Business Acceleration Grants

Supports organisations to scale up innovative approaches faster. They are seeking ideas that are big and bold, that can significantly improve outcomes in the NSW disability sector.

Up to $2,000,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Heritage Grants Program

Offers assistance to private owners of State Registered heritage places to undertake urgent conservation works, or develop conservation management plans or strategies.

Up to $100,000|  31 Oct 2017  |  WA


Safer Communities Fund

Provides local councils and community organisations grants to boost efforts to address crime and anti-social behaviour and protect organisations that may be facing security risks associated with racial or religious intolerance.

Up to $1,000,000|  14 Nov 2017  |  National


Regional Events Scheme

Supports regional tourism events in WA.

$5,000 - $50,000|  12 Dec 2017  |  WA


NSW-Israel Research & Development and Technological Innovation Program

Provides one-off matched financial grants to assist NSW entities cooperate with an Israel entity on joint research and development projects.

Up to $250,000|  18 Dec 2017  |  NSW


The Amazon Influence

With Amazon arriving in Australia in the not-so-distant future (no dates have yet been announced), it was fascinating to hear local perspectives on the online shopping giant in Seattle, where its headquarters are located.

The company continues to grow rapidly - hiring a reported 26,000 new employees in 2017 alone. Many highly trained workers have taken advantage of the opportunity to re-invent themselves and successfully transition into the tech world. I spoke to one lady whose husband was made redundant following the downturn of the oil industry. He is highly skilled and highly qualified, yet found himself unemployed through no fault of his own. She feels so lucky that they have been able to re-locate to Seattle for his new job at Amazon - it has been life changing for their family.

Yet with thousands of people moving to Seattle in such a short space of time, housing prices have sky-rocketed. Many people who were renting now find themselves homeless due to unaffordable rent prices. There is an urgent need for more shelters across the city, as well as stable, permanent housing. The City of Seattle's Pathway's Home initiative is their new 'person-centered plan to reduce homelessness' in the city, investing almost $50 million into the issue.

Amazon itself is also committed to helping, and has formed an innovative partnership with Mary's Place - a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. The business has actually given Mary's Place half the space in one of its new buildings, rent-free, forever. They will also be covering the cost of all utility bills. The 47,000-square-foot space will have room for more than 200 people in 65 rooms. What an amazing partnership!

For me, the influence of Amazon was a reminder of both the positive and negative impacts that business can have on the local community. Sometimes, these impacts are part of natural cause-and-effect; providing more jobs has increased demand for housing, hence reducing housing affordability. For not-for-profits, it's a great example of forming partnerships with business, to work together to tackle issues.

This is where philanthropy moves beyond grants. Don't get me wrong, grants are amazing. Yet ultimately they are one of many tools that can make a difference. For sustainability, grants can't be used alone like an island, they must be part of a broader fundraising and partnership program that work together to create long term change.

On our personal business front, we're excited to have a new Capacity Building Coordinator, Lesley, on the team, who will be working with organisations to develop sustainable fundraising programs. You can find out more about Lesley and get in touch with her on our team page.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visit

It was so inspiring to visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle last week - one of the largest grant givers in the world. The Foundation works in over 130 countries and their grant stats are quite phenomenal:

  • 17,000+ grants given
  • $4 billon in annual grant payments
  • $36.7 billion in grants since 2000.

Both Bill & Melinda Gates committed themselves to philanthropy early on in their married life. It’s quite remarkable seeing a family that clearly has extraordinary wealth now focus so much of their time and energy on helping others around the world.

Their overall strategy is to work with partners around the world, using the following process:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Develop a strategy
  3. Make grants & work with partners
  4. Measure progress
  5. Adjust strategy.

Personally, I found it encouraging to see that the Foundation continually reviews what it’s doing to evaluate what’s working and what’s not; an important process for grant makers and grant recipients alike.

The visitor’s centre, co-located with the Foundation headquarters, has a focus on raising awareness and encouraging engagement in philanthropy both large and small. Ultimately, the aim is to inspire everyone who visits to contribute something to a cause they’re passionate about. It was a great mix between showcasing their work, and giving everyone practical ideas about how they can make even the smallest difference.

You can sign up to our newsletter below to hear more stories from my trip to the USA and Canada. I'll be checking out co-working spaces to take learnings back home to Australia, visiting some of the app companies we integrate with at The Grants Hub, meeting up with developers and learning more about grant practices internationally.

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & Managing Direcor

Philanthropy is really about equity. It’s really about innovation, so that we treat lives as having equal value.
— Bill Gates
Today, ‘community’ isn’t just your city. It’s the world.
— Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Melinda & I are partners, talking through strategy...sharing dreams about how quickly we can change things.
— Bill Gates

Rural & Regional Grants


If you're working in rural or regional Australia, then this is the blog post for you! Below is a snapshot of grants currently available for rural and regional areas.

Using the keyword search in our Grants Directory is a great way of finding grants specific to your needs. For example, if you type 'regional' into our Grants Directory, 274 regional grants will be displayed. That is quite a large number of grants for you to check out! Try out your own keyword now.

Happy searching!

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & Managing Director

Community Legal Centre Family Violence Fund

Up to $100,000  |  28 Aug 2017  |  VIC

Funds Victorian-based community legal centres and Aboriginal Legal Services to continue or expand family violence related services to address current unmet demand in 2017-19.


Aura Community Grants

$1,000 - $50,000  |  31 Aug 2017  |  QLD

Provides financial support for local community groups to develop and deliver programs, initiatives and events which help to build vibrant communities that will thrive now and into the future.


Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities

Up to $5,000  |  31 Aug 2017  |  NSW, QLD

Aims to help support local communities in 14 Cotton Grower Association areas in New South Wales and Queensland. Recipients could include organisations like early childhood centres, playgroups, kindergartens, meals on wheels, neighbourhood houses, agricultural societies or other local organisations.


Tasmanian Community Road Safety Grants

$500 - $25,000  |  01 Sep 2017  |  TAS

Supports community involvement in addressing local road safety issues and promoting road safety.


Homework Club Partnership Fund

Up to $20,000  |  15 Sep 2017  |  VIC

Funds organisations currently running or wanting to set up Homework Clubs.

Social Impact Investments

Unspecified Amount  |  18 Sep 2017  |  NSW

Funds social impact investments that target high need youth in regions of high unemployment.


Small Grants for Rural Communities

Up to $5,000  |  27 Sep 2017  |  National

Provides funds for projects and activities that offer clear public benefit for communities with populations of 10,000 or less, living in small rural and remote locations in Australia.


Grass Roots Fund

Up to $5,000  |  30 Sep 2017  |  WA

Provides financial assistance to grain growing communities towards events and projects which contribute to the health and vitality of their community.


Stand Like Stone Foundation - Annual Small Grants

Up to $5,000  |  30 Sep 2017  |  SA

Embraces the Limestone Coast region located in the South East of South Australia. Stand Like Stone gives grants to non-profit organisations whose purpose is to benefit the community.


Playing Australia: Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund

Unspecified Amount  |  03 Oct 2017  |  National

Supports performing arts to reach regional and remote communities across Australia. Grants are available to support the net touring costs associated with a national tour.


Congratulations Sponsorship Recipients!

Wow! What an impressive bunch of applications we received for Round Two of The Grants Hub's NFP Sponsorship Program. Many applicants put considerable time and thought into their application, so thank you!

There are now only a very small number of Sponsorships available, so get in quickly for Round Three (link to application form below).

Congratulations to the following successful organisations, who now have their grants searching sorted for the next 12 months:


A Brave Life
Allergy & Immunology Foundation of Australasia
Barkly Regional Arts
Bloomhill Cancer Care
Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association
Breast Cancer Care WA
Burnet Institute
Cannonvale State School P&C
Children's University Australia
ChildSafe Limited
Concord Public School Parents and Citizens Association
Country Music Club of Boyup Brook WA
Crossenvale Community House
Cudgewa Football Netball Club
Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival
Darwin Animal Rescue Group Incorporated
Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre
Drought Angels
Enveco Association
Get Equip'd
Hills Community Harvest
Holdsworth Community
Illabo Sporting Bodies
Innari Aboriginal Homelessness Support
Inspired Buy


Kids in Philanthropy
Lighthouse Foundation
Maffra and District Landcare Network
Mallee Family Care
National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters Council
Neighbourhood Centre & Coolabaroo Housing Service
Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club
Moving A Head
Mudgeeraba Special School P&C Association
Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Foundation
National Ethnic Disability Alliance
North Coast Academy of Sport
Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre
One Voice Hastings Homeless Support Group
Queensland Writers Centre
Rare Voices Australia
Riding for the Disabled in the Top End
RoundTrip Foundation
Shoe Boxes of Love
StreetWork Incorporated
Sydney Eisteddfod
The Beauty Bank Australia
The Long Walk Trust
Valued Lives Foundation
West Moonah Community House
Western Edge Youth Arts
Woodcraft Guild ACT


We're hiring!

The Grants Hub team is growing, and we’re excited to be advertising for a new Grants Research team member to join us.

We are looking for someone with a solid understanding of funding and grants in Australia, excellent research & analytical skills, honesty & integrity, self-motivation, high attention to detail and a desire to work remotely.

Key responsibilities of the position will include:

  • Grants research
  • Grants database management
  • Funding provider liaison
  • Sharing grant trends with relevant team members.

Additional potential areas of work, based on skills and experience, are outlined in the Position Description and include:

  • Preparing customised grant calendars
  • Developing systems to streamline grants research
  • Creating new and innovative ways of sharing grants information with our members.

This opportunity can be somewhat tailored to the right person, based on experience.

More details on the position and instructions on how to apply are available in the Position Description.

Applications close Thursday 31 August 2017.


Congratulations NFP Sponsorship Program Round One Recipients!

We are so pleased to be able to announce the successful Round One applicants of our 2017 NFP Sponsorship Program!

The applications were a reminder of the fantastically diverse range of organisations, sporting clubs and schools working hard to make a difference in the lives of individuals, groups and the environment throughout both Australia and overseas.

Like us, you may want to follow some of these organisations' Facebook pages or sign up to their newsletters. They are doing great work and it's great seeing their stories pop up in our social media pages.

Congratulations to the following successful organisations:

Prison Fellowship Australia

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Integrated Disability Support Services

Andrews Community Kindergarten

School for Life Foundation

Newcomb Power Football Club

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland

Rotary Club of Erina

Trafalgar Playgroup

Manly West Primary P&C Association

Blessed Be Bags


Geelong Inclusive Limited

Jewish House

Ubuntu African Foundation

Kidsafe NT

Good Medicine Projects

Epilepsy WA

Third Sector Australia Ltd (3SA)

Zone 15 Pony Club NSW

Ashwell State School

Noosa Landcare

Windang Surf Lifesaving Club

Survivor's R Us Incorporated

InterCountry Adoptee Voices

Alexandra & District Speedway

Waterlily Community Playscape

McGrath Foundation

Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Centre

Prison Network Ministries

Beachmere Scout Group

The Literature Centre

Pingala Community Renewables for Sydney Inc.


Applications for Round Two close Friday 11 August. With only 99 Sponsorships available, we would recommend applying sooner rather than later.

The August Grants Shortlist


There is a great mix of new grant funding available this month.

We have grants listed for children, writers, sports infrastructure, heritage, the arts, community development and even bus shelters. You'll find a shortlist of my top picks here.

We update and add to our Grants Directory almost every day. You can keep track of everything happening with this handy shortcut, which is a direct link to all grants most recently updated.

You'll need to be a member of The Grants Hub to benefit from our grants research. You might like to hear from some of our members to help you decide whether a membership is worth it or not.

Happy grants searching!

Founder & Managing Director

Top Pick of Business & Entrepreneur Grants


Did you know that we have over 300 grants listed for businesses? Our Grants Directory is constantly updated with the latest grants, and we follow national trends for business and entrepreneur grants.

At the moment, key target areas for business grants include manufacturing, agriculture, job creation, STEM and startups. There is also a growing number of grants for social enterprises and entrepreneurship.

We often get asked if there are grants available to fund basic business startup costs, such as laptops, business insurance and existing wages. To save you a lot of time and hassle, the short answer is no. Generally, business grants require a co-contribution, and most funding bodies want to see that a business has been in operation for a few years before they will award a grant.

However, if you're looking to expand into a new area, move into export, operate in a geographic region that is experiencing job loss, have a tech startup, want to improve your environmental practice, need a new business plan or even want to travel overseas for business acceleration purposes, then it's definitely worth watching grants and putting an application together.

View the Business & Entrepreneur Grants Highlights


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