Helping Charlestown Community Centre keep their grants searching efficient

I recently caught up with some of our members and had a chance to ask how The Grants Hub has helped their organisations.

Here's what Lynda Little, Manager at Charlestown Community Centre had to say.

What do you love about The Grants Hub?
The Grants Hub gives you a regular, easy to digest list of grants with a quick teaser of information. This makes it quick and efficient to keep your eye on what opportunities are coming up, without spending endless hours searching.

What would you say to someone considering joining The Grants Hub as a member?
Think about the cost to your organisation of employing you per hour. How many hours of your time are saved by having membership to The Grants Hub? How many hours of your pay would cover the membership fee? Do the math!

I love it - have loved it for years. Thanks!

Grants Directory Memberships - finding the right plan for you

Grants Directory Memberships - finding the right plan for you

From those working in large businesses or NGOs, right down to grassroots Not-for-Profits or individuals, each grant seeker’s budget, time availability, organisational resources and funding priorities differ enormously. In this blog, I’ll share the main benefits of each membership type and how each feature may benefit you throughout the grant seeking process.