Our Story

After working in local government, international development and business, Jessie Ballantyne (Founder & Managing Director) saw the need for an easy-to-use grants search website that would help people find 'all that money' out there. Her aim was to turn the elusive idea of grants into something that became real for organisations.

In 2012, Jessie got Owen Anderson (Manager of Design, Innovation & Marketing) on board, and they started building The Grants Hub. Many, many hours were spent brainstorming ideas, drawing up sketches on rolls of paper, and surveying people to find out what their grants needs were.

After months of sheer hard work, determination, ridiculously late nights and ample supplies of coffee, The Grants Hub was launched in June 2013.

We now have hundreds of members and consulting clients Australia-wide and are proud to be Australia's leading grants directory and consulting service.


Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business Awards

We were announced winners of the Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business Awards Business & Professional Services 2016. It's been a very good year for The Grants Hub!



    Baw Baw Shire Business Excellence Awards

    We are very proud to have been announced winners of two categories at the Baw Baw Shire Business Excellence Awards in 2016:

    1. Business & Professional Services - Winner
    2. eBusiness - Winner

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