Funding Range Clarification from the Harcourts Foundation

It was great to be in touch with Julia Eyles from the Harcourts Foundation recently.

Harcourts provides grants on a quarterly basis for events, projects, items or initiatives that help, grow, and enrich communities.

The number of applications they now receive each round has increased significantly over the last two years, which the Foundation is excited about - great to hear! However, many applications have been for amounts which far exceed the Foundation's capacity.

Ideally, the Foundation would like to receive applications in the $2,000 to $5,000 funding range (or even smaller). So, if you are a smaller community-based charity and have a project which needs a small funding amount, this could be the grant for you.

Find out all the details on the Harcourts Foundation website.

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Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director