Dreams for a Better World Grand Final Night

Jessie & Kristine

We had the privilege of being invited to Sunsuper’s Dream for a Better World Grand Final night in Brisbane on Thursday.

From 1,200 applications received for the grant program, 6 businesses and organisations made it to the Grand Final. Each of them got up in front of judges and around 130 guests and had 6 minutes to pitch for extra grant funding - and what an incredible job they did! The passion of these founders came through strong and clear.

Congratulations to The Plate Up Project for winning the People's Choice Award. They took home an extra $10,000 thanks to your votes!

GG's Flowers & Hampers won $10,000 through the Better Business category. If you're ever in need of flowers or a hamper, this is the place to buy them from.

Autism Swim & Brett Phillips Dental Surgery were both awarded an extra $2,500 as runners up in the Better Business category.

Greenbatch took out first place in the Community Grant category, winning the $30,000 grant. Schools in Western Australia, jump on their social pages or website and take a look. They're going to be doing big things with recycling in 2019 thanks to this grant.

The Plate Up Project won another $15,000 for second place in the Community Grant category and Dance for Parkinson's Australia won $10,000 for third place.

The best news for all of you is that this project is now open again for 2019. We'll be posting more on this throughout the week. Stay tuned!

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Community Grant Winner

Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director