Make It Happen Small Grant Stories

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30 May 2023

Last year, The Grants Hub made 10 grants of $1,000 each to 10 fantastic organisations from our grant-seeking community.

We’ve been catching up with the recipients recently and it’s incredibly rewarding to see what an impact a small grant can have. We truly believe in the power of small grants.

Here are a few of the stories showing how these grants have made a difference in communities across Australia.


“At 300 Blankets we're committed to reaching people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and thanks to The Grants Hub, we've been able to deliver a further 16 essential care packages to people experiencing food insecurity and social isolation in the greater Melbourne regions.

“According to Foodbank, one in six adults in Australia haven't had enough to eat in the last year, and one in three people struggling to meet their food needs are new to the situation. We know that more than half of people impacted by severe food insecurity go a whole day without eating each week.

“Through programs such as the delivery of Care Packages, 300 Blankets offers early-stage intervention for people on the path to homelessness. Through The Grants Hub funding we were able to extend our support to families who would otherwise go hungry. As the cost of living continues to be a burden on families and individuals across Australia, providing food relief to these households enable people to be able to instead afford utility bills, healthcare and rent. This support is critical to ensure that families are able to remain at home, in comfort and security, and onto a more positive path.”


“Our Make it Happen Grant from The Grants Hub allowed us to run a six week yoga for anxiety course for those living in rural areas in Australia. 

“Those in rural areas do not have access to the same support and services, yet right now need it more than ever. We had over 35 people turn up each week to learn how to support their own wellbeing through yoga and mindfulness and the results have been outstanding with participants reporting better mental health, better sleep and enjoying making connections with others across rural Australia.”


“The Grants Hub Make It Happen Small Grant of $1,000 enabled Eat Up Australia to support one school and feed approx. 137 hungry kids for 12 months. How magic is that?

"Since Eat Up's support, our students can refuel their bodies, which helps them focus in class. Sometimes, a simple sandwich makes students feel cared for and belong. Every child matters." School

“Filling hungry tummies will help improve learning outcomes and disadvantaged kids’ chances of completing school, gaining meaningful employment, and ultimately benefiting themselves and their community.”


"We were thrilled to have the support of the Grants Hub for the ‘Colour My Story’ books in 2022.

“Two [books] are included in each Crisis Case packed for 5-12 year olds. These books encourage an adult and child to colour-in together and contain talking prompts to help the child tell their story.

“‘Colour My Story’ books help children to process the traumatic experiences they have gone through and tell their story to their carer. Past use of these books provided in Crisis Cases has led to a number of disclosures by children to their carers of instances of abuse and neglect, which child safety officers can then take action on. These books play an important part in helping children process their experiences, identify issues they need help with and can also impact on their long-term safety.”

"The Make It Happen Small Grant enabled 10 people going through cancer treatment to attend practical workshops which cover skincare, make-up, headwear, physical activity and overall wellbeing, leaving them empowered and ready to face their diagnosis."

“I was very impressed with the professional and caring manner of the volunteers. They made everyone feel so welcome. The ladies wearing headscarves all felt very self-conscious being bald, and with a few kind words, all the scarves came off slowly and the ladies all started chatting easily - no longer self-conscious. The makeup session was great. One lady told me she cries every day since being diagnosed but was so impressed that we were all discussing our different cancer treatments, that she didn't feel isolated. She has never worn makeup and the look on her face when she put on the makeup, with the care tuition of the instructor, was priceless. Everyone made a fuss of her. For myself also I have used it every day and I am thrilled with it.” Jan, Look Good Feel Better participant."

Psst - our Make It Happen Small Grants 2023 program is open!

To apply, submit your application by 13 June 2023. Find out more.


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