Grants to Check Out in September

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With 152 grants closing in September, there are plenty of funding opportunities up for grabs this month. To help you create a relevant shortlist of grants, make sure you use The Grants Hub’s refining and organisational tools, to save you time and keep you focussed on grants which matter to you.

Below, you will find four grants which are getting high traffic at The Grants Hub. If you’re planning to apply for one of these, make sure you meet all of the eligibility criteria and answer all questions correctly to give yourself the best chance of being successful. Don’t be put off applying though! You’ve got to be ‘in it to win it’, and remember, not everyone has access to our Grant Resources like you do!

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & CEO



Men as Role Models for Preventing Violence against Women and their Children

I was so pleased to see the release of this grant program from the Australian Government. Violence against women and children is such a prevalent issue across Australia, which is wrong on so many levels. We need more substantial funding in this area; the volume of interest from The Grants Hub’s members in this grant opportunity reiterates the need. I can’t wait to see which organisations and projects get funded through this program - and then track their outcomes.

The grant itself will invest in innovative primary prevention projects that promote Men as Role Models for Preventing Violence against Women and their Children, focused on changing the social conditions that excuse, justify, or promote violence against women and their children.

Activities will involve men to challenge the underlying social, economic and political conditions, as well as historical and cultural factors that allow violence‑supportive attitudes and behaviours to thrive.

Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate existing strong relationships with their target groups or communities, or partnerships with organisations representing those groups or communities.

A total of $2.472 million is available (across 2019-20 to 2021-22), with individual grants ranging from $750,000 to $900,000 over three years.

Applications close 24 September 2019.

Tip: If you’re familiar with Federal Government grant applications, you won’t need me to remind you that they are significant pieces of work. Pace yourself, plan ahead, and check out my tips for writing big applications.

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SUEZ Community Grants

This popular grants program from SUEZ provides community groups, schools and organisations from across Australia with funding to help improve their local communities and the environment.

The program is specifically intended to support organisations located in the communities in which SUEZ provides recycling and recovery services. Eligible projects will address one of two key focus areas:

  • Improve our environment

  • Improve our local communities sustainability targets.

Grants from $1,000 - $15,000 are available, with applications closing 20 September 2019.

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Community Education Program Grants

This grant program from Ansvar supports sustainable programs for Australians under the age of 25, promoting ongoing education and skills making a significant difference to the lives of participants.

Ansvar supports programs, with grants up to $50,000, which fall into 2 categories:

  • Empowerment & Education: Programs within this category must provide opportunities to develop positive values that lead to healthy lifestyle choices and a positive contribution to our community.

  • Outreach Programs: Programs within this category must support youth who are at risk or are already experiencing difficulties (such as drug and/or alcohol abuse) through rehabilitation and/or skills training.

DGR Status is required for this grant.

Applications close 14 October 2019.

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Stronger Communities Programme

The Stronger Communities Programme is delivered by the Australian Government. The program funds small capital projects that improve local community participation and contribute to vibrant viable communities.

There are various steps to the program, with each electorate receiving $150,000 (a total of $22.65 million will be granted across Australia). Each electorate then manages their own application process. In short, contact your local electorate for specific information about grants in your area.

Regardless of which electorate you are in, community consultation is a critical element of the program, and $2,500 - $20,000 grants can fund up to 50% of eligible project costs.

Generally speaking, applications close 10 October 2019. However, you MUST check the closing date in your local electorate.

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Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director