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31 Oct 2023

Disability grants are one of the most popular categories in our Grants Directory. That’s not surprising, since around 1 in 6 people in Australia are currently experiencing disability.

Disability can be experienced by just about anyone at some point in their lives, including:

  • Children and young people

  • Working age people

  • Older people.

Who is eligible for disability grants?

If you are working to make Australia a better place to live in, you may be eligible for disability grants.

Categories of disability that funding may support include intellectual, physical, sensory, mental health and psychosocial disability.

Funded projects may be based in the home, education settings, workplaces, community centres, and any other environment where people come together.

At The Grants Hub, we help our members find disability grants that will help them serve inclusive and accessible communities. These members include community based organisations, sporting clubs, schools, charities, social enterprises and small businesses.

Are there grants for individuals with disability?

At The Grants Hub, our focus is on grants for small to medium community organisations and businesses.

If you are interested in financial aid and support for individuals with disability you can find information online at services including:

What will disability grants fund?

Disability grants may be able to provide funds to:

  • Support people with disabilities, their families and carers

  • Make facilities more accessible by improving infrastructure and equipment

  • Improve access to education and employment opportunities

  • Make community programs more inclusive

  • Conduct research activities.

These are just a few examples of what disability grants may be able to help you with!

When you find a grant that you want to apply for, be sure to read the grant guidelines and FAQs to ensure that you and your project are eligible.

Some grant programs will highly regard projects that specifically address the needs of people with disability - so make sure you mention relevant details in your application.

What disability funding opportunities are open right now?

There are over 200 disability grants currently open and listed in our Grants Directory. Here are just a few grants to check out:

The Ian Potter Foundation - Community Wellbeing Grants

Seeks to fund initiatives delivered by organisations supporting people with disabilities, or otherwise marginalised individuals primarily with the objective to secure employment pathways.

Applications open 7 June 2024.

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Honda Foundation Grants

Funds charities who focus on the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from long-term, life threatening illnesses, promote the development and preservation of Australian culture, and/or promote inventions and the development of new technology.

Applications close 5 July 2024.

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Dylan Alcott Foundation Grant

Aims to eliminate the barriers facing young people with a disability in fulfilling their dreams.

Always open.

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Disabled Children’s Foundation Grants

Aims to promote the health, welfare and interests of disabled children around Australia and to ensure children with disabilities and their families have the same opportunities as all people to enjoy the benefits from participation in the community.

Always open.

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