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8 Jun 2023

At the Grants Hub, we are committed to keeping on top of grant trends and sharing these with our community so that no opportunities are missed. So much joy, growth and positivity is built on grants in Australia - regardless of the size of the grant.

One of the trends we hope to see continue is more grants for women

Many funding opportunities aim to boost economic outcomes (such as business grants), celebrate community (such as many local government grants), or support grassroots initiatives (such as community grants). Some grants are specifically geared towards addressing barriers to equality and other serious social and systemic issues.

We are proud to make a positive impact by ensuring that these grants are included in our Directory and promoted to our community.

Gender lens grantmaking is a focus of many philanthropic funding providers such as Trusts and Foundations as well as Government at all levels. SmartyGrants, the most-used grants administration system in Australia, incorporates a gender-lens on grant application templates and funding provider reports.

If you make grant applications, you’ll come across questions on how many women will benefit from your project or initiative, and what the anticipated outcomes of your project will be, for women. The intent behind these questions is to help address inequality, discrimination, and bias for women and girls - even if the grant and/or funder’s objectives do not appear to be focused on these issues.

Many grant programs explicitly aim to advance opportunities for women. These include:

  • Women’s health and wellbeing grants

  • Grants for women’s safety and recovery from family and domestic violence

  • Housing support grants for women and children

  • Grants aimed at women’s economic empowerment

  • Education grants for girls, including in STEM

  • Leadership grants and scholarships for women

  • Community grants for Indigenous women and women from CaLD backgrounds

  • Business grants for women, including start-up funding

There are more than 200 community grants, business grants, and government grants that benefit women in our Grants Directory.

The below grants are either open now or opening soon, and ready for your applications:

Liptember Grant Funding

Supports organisations making a positive difference towards women's mental health in Australia.

Applications close 15 March 2024.

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100 Women Grants

Awards grants to organisations that advance the safety, health, education and economic opportunities of women and girls.

Applications close 8 May 2024.

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Investing in Queensland Women Grants

Supports community groups and organisations across Queensland’s urban, rural and remote regions with resources to lead projects and events designed to create positive change for women and girls.

Applications close 12 April 2024.

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Alice Anderson Fund

Co-invests in women-led startups with private sector investors.

Applications are Always Open.

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