Our 2019 Grants Program Winners!

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16 Jul 2019

I am very pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 Grants Program:

  • Society Melbourne (The Grants Hub Social Enterprise Grant)

  • The Welcome Dinner Project - South Australia (The Grants Hub Not-for-Profit Grant)

  • Combined Wellness Solutions (Access Solutions National Social Enterprise (Disability) Grant)

  • Dystech (Pursuit Advisers Gippsland Business Development Grant)

It was a hard decision choosing four winners from so many great applicants. I would like to congratulate everyone who applied, for putting yourself out there and being brave by submitting an application.

The founders of the four winning organisations/businesses are worth getting to know! They are passionate about what they do, put in the hard yards, are kicking some great goals, and have some really innovative concepts. I encourage you to read more about them below and help spread the word about their work.

A big thanks to Pursuit Advisers and Access Solutions National for partnering with us to deliver two of these grants.

I look forward to bringing you more grant opportunities from The Grants Hub in the future,

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & CEO


Meet the Winners

The Grants Hub Social Enterprise Grant

Congratulations to Society Melbourne! Society Melbourne has a mission to end youth homelessness. They run a number of social enterprises across Melbourne to generate funds to provide pathways to employment, education, community, confidence and housing, including Crêpes for Change, home.one, home.two and Coffee Cart Changing Lives.

Our grant will fund crucial equipment for home.two, including an ice machine, speaker and blender. The $1,000 grant will help generate over $10,000 worth of sales over the course of a year.


The Grants Hub Not-for-Profit Grant

Congratulations to The Welcome Dinner Project - South Australia! The Welcome Dinner Project connects people who are new to Australia with established Australians. Welcome Dinners are held in local homes and community centres, where guests can form new friendships, a network of local contacts and a sense of community belonging.

Our grant will fund a second volunteer training session in 2019 (double what is currently offered). With a volunteer team that is 50/50 newly arrived people and established Australians, the training program allows volunteers to develop a capacity to work collaboratively, cross-culturally, and efficiently in teams with a focus on personal and professional skill development.


Access Solutions National Social Enterprise (Disability) Grant

Congratulations to Combined Wellness Solutions! Combined Wellness Solutions is a facility that caters for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. They facilitate programs run by exercise physiologists to assist their clients to reach optimal health and mobility. They also provide access to other therapies on their premises, including art therapy, physiotherapy and Disability Employment Services.

The Access Solutions National grant will help fund an adaptation on a piece of equipment that will assist trainers to support the legs of clients, during exercise, for an extended period of time. There is currently no such adaptation available on the market. With the new adaptation, CWS will be able to extend the programs offered to clients who require the leg support while training.


Pursuit Advisers Gippsland Business Development Grant

Congratulations to Dystech! Dystech is developing the world’s first assessment app for dyslexia, using artificial intelligence. They are a team of passionate academics, entrepreneurs, and business people united by a shared goal. Together they're building an assessment system that will empower parents, teachers and therapists to assess children with dyslexia easily and take early action to improve their life.

The Pursuit Advisers grant will help share the learnings of their conference online, so that more people can see and learn about dyslexia. The grant will allow the conference to be more than just a physical conference, as they will be able to use all the content created during the event to create educational online material for anyone to use.

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