One year of Kris Bliss!

Today is Kristine's one year anniversary of working at The Grants Hub!

When we decided to advertise for The Grant's Hub first employee (Grants Researcher) we had no idea how successful the online, remote recruitment campaign would be. We received applications from exceptional candidates around Australia. We advertised online through our website, social media pages and subscriber list. We shortlisted and conducted interviews via Skype.

Kristine's first day at work was from her base in Queensland, while Justin & Jessie were working from Canada.

Our whole business operates online, and we needed to know that the right employee could work in this environment. We didn't actually meet Kristine face-to-face until June this year, when she was 8 months into her role!

Kristine has been an incredible addition to our team. She continues to find new grants for our members every single day, and if you jump on our online chat support, there's a very good chance Kristine will be the one to help you.

We've had one year of Kris Bliss and couldn't be happier!

Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director