Brand New Grants to check out this week


Funding everything from library events, to biofuels, to football (yes, all codes!), to seniors, these new grants are an exciting and diverse mix of new grant available in Australia this week.

Quick Response Arts Grant

Provides artists with an opportunity to access funding through the flexibility of an ongoing application process and a short turnaround time.
Up to $4,000 | Closes 20 Sep 2019 | VIC

Victorian Seed Grants - Libraries

Invites libraries to apply for seed funding to run a public event, activity or program during National Science Week 2019 (10 – 18 August).
$500 | Closes 10 Apr 2019 | VIC

Victorian Seed Grants - Community

Funds events, projects and activities held during during National Science Week 2019 (10 – 18 August).
$500 - $2,000 | Closes 10 Apr 2019 | VIC

Waste to Biofutures Fund

Provides targeted grants for pilot and demonstration or commercially scalable projects in Queensland that use conventional waste streams or biomass to produce bioenergy, biofuels and high-value bioproducts.
$50,000 - $1,000,000 | Closes 08 Apr 2019 | QLD

St.George Footy Grants - AFL

Supports individuals and clubs in NSW and ACT to help remove barriers to AFL participation.
Up to $10,000 | Closes 13 May 2019 | ACT, NSW

St.George Footy Grants - Rugby League

Helps everyone in the community take part in rugby league no matter their story.
Up to $10,000 | Closes 13 May 2019 | NSW

St.George Footy Grants - Rugby Union

Encourages participation and inclusion for all members and participants of the rugby union community in Queensland.
Up to $10,000 | Closes 23 April 2019 | QLD

Native Title Anthropologist Grant Program

Invites applications to deliver services under the Indigenous Legal and Native Title Assistance Program, across Australia from 2019-20 to 2021-22.
Unspecified Amount | Closes 02 May 2019 | National

Seniors Participation Grant

Aims to improve the health and wellbeing of socially isolated and vulnerable seniors, develop new models for effective participation opportunities for seniors and continue to create inclusive age-friendly initiatives in local communities.
$10,000 - $75,000 | Closes 08 Apr 2019 | VIC

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Allows local government councils the opportunity to apply for funding to reduce energy use, greenhouse emissions and costs, and improve energy productivity.
Unspecified Amount | Closes 05 Apr 2019 | NT

Bushfire Business Recovery Grants

Contributes to business recovery, ongoing viability, and supporting the local economy and will extend to loss of crops and forests, damage to assets and lost inventory.
Up to $25,000 | Closes 31 Mar 2019 | TAS

giveOUTday AU

Offers two grants of $5,000 each to projects or community groups participating in giveOUTday and working to benefit rural and regional LGBTIQ+ communities.
$5,000 | Closes 31 Mar 2019 | National

And don’t forget to check out our  Grant of the Week from Sunsuper !

And don’t forget to check out our Grant of the Week from Sunsuper!


Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director