$20,000+ Grants


This week we have a focus on $20,000 plus grants.

If you have all your documentation in order, don't be afraid to apply for larger funding amounts. The applications may be longer than those for smaller funding amounts, but the return on investment for the time you spend on the application could well pay off.

If you don't have your documentation in order yet, make sure you:

  • Set some fundraising goals now for 2018

  • Take the time to read funding guidelines for programs you would like to apply for in future rounds so you know what you need to have ready

  • Start a grants file so that you have draft application responses and supporting documentation ready to tweak for each application

  • Get project costings done and work out your co-contribution so you know how much you need to apply for.

If this all sounds like too much work, you may be interested in contacting one of our team members to help.

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & Managing Director

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Creative Learning Partnerships

Provides the opportunity for Victorian schools to partner with creative professionals or arts and cultural organisations.

Up to $35,000|  09 Oct 2017  |  VIC


World-Class Accelerator Program

Focuses on building capability and excellence, by funding organisation(s) to deliver world-class accelerator program(s) that will further enhance the Victorian startup ecosystem.

Up to $3,000,000|  10 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Community Education Program Grants

Supports Australian youth under two categories: Empowerment & Education; and Outreach Programs.

Up to $50,000|  13 Oct 2017  |  National


Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

The Foundation offers funding for a broad range of community needs and aims to fund projects that are focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged local people.

$10,000 - $500,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Community Program Grants

Aims to enhance protective factors of offenders in relation to their recidivism. Community Program Grants may have longer delivery timeframes or require significant investments by the funded organisation.

Up to $40,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  SA


Building Stronger Communities Grants Program - Community Facility Maintenance

Aims to improve the quality of a facility; increase, maintain or enhance participation and community access; or improve the flexibility of the facility so it encourages the development of multi-use, sharing and co-locating facilities.

Up to $100,000|  23 Oct 2017  |  QLD


Strong & Resilient Communities - National Research Grants

Funds one-off research and advice projects that impact on community resilience and social cohesion in Australia and reflect current Government priorities, address emerging issues and/or providing innovative solutions to issues of national significance.

$20,000 - $150,000|  26 Oct 2017  |  National



Sustainable Regions Grants - Seed Grant

Helps build, test or pilot innovative ideas or help organisations get started through core operations and capacity building. Targeted at charitable and social enterprise projects.

$100,000 - $1,000,000|  27 Oct 2017  |  National


Harold & Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust

Provides funding to support the purchase of equipment and instruments for the purpose of medical research into all aspects of medicine or surgery.

$10,000 - $40,000  |  27 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Impact Investment Ready - Discovery Grant

Supports not-for-profit organisations to explore pathways to financial sustainability and plant the seed for impact investment propositions.

Up to $50,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  National


Business Acceleration Grants

Supports organisations to scale up innovative approaches faster. They are seeking ideas that are big and bold, that can significantly improve outcomes in the NSW disability sector.

Up to $2,000,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Heritage Grants Program

Offers assistance to private owners of State Registered heritage places to undertake urgent conservation works, or develop conservation management plans or strategies.

Up to $100,000|  31 Oct 2017  |  WA


Safer Communities Fund

Provides local councils and community organisations grants to boost efforts to address crime and anti-social behaviour and protect organisations that may be facing security risks associated with racial or religious intolerance.

Up to $1,000,000|  14 Nov 2017  |  National


Regional Events Scheme

Supports regional tourism events in WA.

$5,000 - $50,000|  12 Dec 2017  |  WA


NSW-Israel Research & Development and Technological Innovation Program

Provides one-off matched financial grants to assist NSW entities cooperate with an Israel entity on joint research and development projects.

Up to $250,000|  18 Dec 2017  |  NSW


Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director