Stephen Dowling


Areas of Expertise

  • Medium Grants ($20-$100k)
  • Large Grants ($100k+)
  • Government Grants
  • Health Grants
  • Business Grants
  • Sports Grants
  • Education Grants
  • Defence Grants
  • Environment Grants
  • Research & Development (R&D) Grants
  • Clean Energy Grants
  • Arts Grants
  • International Grants

I help small to medium sized businesses screen and win government grants. With over 30-years’ experience, I know what it takes to get your business across the line. My comprehensive three-step approach of Discovery, Compose and Submit makes grant applications easy and effortless for you.

I have assisted businesses in advanced manufacturing, international business, agriculture, food and beverage, biomedical, education, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, transport, aerospace, defence and space.

Successfully getting awarded a grant requires careful planning, resources, and a great application. I will take all the hard work and effort away from you and place it in my expert hands.