It’s not uncommon for organisations to reduce personnel and overhead costs by outsourcing day-to-day back office functions such as accounting or IT – however it’s less common to outsource specialised functions such as research, development of fundraising strategy or components of fundraising such as grant writing.

Although these skillsets are often required, it’s usually not enough to employ someone on a regular basis – so have you thought about implementing ‘an expert on hand’ model?

Imagine a pool of experts that can be called upon to support your organisation with the essential tasks required to strengthen your services and program, thus improving financial sustainability.

To ensure we provide a balanced view – we’ve listed a few pros and cons – we think you’ll agree this type of model is worth exploring.


  • Access to technology, high quality skills, broader perspectives 'fresh eyes'

  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness

  • Services delivered in an efficient manner – control over costs


  • Initial time required to source specialised skills

  • Negative experiences with expensive consultants who have not delivered

  • Short term costs may increase as the outsourced person becomes familiar with your organisation

The Grants Hub can help with some of these specialised functions to include grant writing and support to develop your fundraising strategy. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements.

Capacity Building Coordinator


Lesley Harris

Capacity Building Coordinator