Grant Terminology Refresher

You are not alone if you get confused about some of the terminology referred to in funding criteria. Having a good understanding of commonly used terms will help strengthen your grant applications – so here’s a quick refresher.


The desirable state we would like to aim for.


A specific result we expect to achieve – Remember to refer to the SMART acronym. Are your objectives:

Specific - Your objective should be targeted rather than generalised.

Measurable - Make sure you are able to quantify the change you want to see in the specific group of people you are targeting.

Attainable - Be realistic about what you set out to achieve.

Relevant - Is the program relevant to your mission, does it align with the context of your grant application?

Time based - Set realistic timeframes to accomplish your objectives.


Activities you will undertake to run your project/program - often expressed in numerical terms. E.g. Number of workshops (or other activities held), number of healthy meals served.


Generally shorter term outcomes that are a result of your project or program (ask yourself - what is the difference made as a result of the program or project?).


Often referred to as ‘social impact’. The longer term changes that have occurred as a result of your intervention.


We also have some great grant tips on our Resources page.


Lesley Harris

Capacity Building Coordinator