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Invite another user to your account

Manage who can search for grants at Additional Users

  • Members on the Essential Plan and Premium Plan can have 2 users per account.
  • Members on the Team Plan can have 10 users per account.
    • On a Team Plan, a multi-department or multi-campus organisation such as a school or local government can all share the one membership but use The Grants Hub independently
    • Favourites, Compare and the Grants Calendar features can all be used independently.

Note: in addition to your Additional Users who can access the Grants Directory, you can also add other account contact(s) for billing purposes only. Find out how here.

Invite a new user

  • Click the green Add User button

  • Add the user's email address and click Invite User

  • An email will be sent to the email address inviting them to join your membership (they will need to follow the prompts within that email to set up their own unique log-in details and complete registration).

Delete a user