Grants Research

Let us pinpoint funding specific to your needs


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Customised Grants Research saves you time searching, while also allowing you to tap into our grants team who work on finding grants day-in, day-out. We know which grants are around right now, and also which funding rounds are likely to open throughout the year.

We offer two primary Customised Grants Research options:

  1. Digital Grants Calendar - Built online specifically for your organisation with automatic grant deadline updates
  2. Customised Grants Report - PDF Grants Report with Executive Summary, including list of grants most closely aligned with your funding priorities.
Really friendly and approachable team who obviously have a heart for NFPs. The customised grants calendar is a great option to get some help in finding the right options for your NFP. A worthwhile investment in planning for long term sustainability.
— Kirsten Finger, Centre Manager, Olivia's Place