Relationship Building with Funders

We know the value of relationship building and gaining trust of the communities we work with, including our individual donors. Often these are relationships between individuals, so it feels a lot easier than perhaps trying to establish a relationship with a philanthropic foundation, especially if you haven’t received funding from them yet.

The general perception is that foundations hold the money, therefore the power – and yes, that can be intimidating. It’s important to remember that foundation staff are people, just like you, and they are likely to be in their role because they are invested in social good. It’s actually part of their role to familiarise themselves with grant seeking organisations.

It’s also really important to remember that foundations and trusts would not exist if community sector organisations were not doing the work they do – so it could be said, they need you as much as you need them.

Foundation staff are a valuable resource to grant seekers due to the fact that they are interacting with an array of grant seeking organisations and other funders every day. They have a wealth of knowledge and a helicopter view of what’s going on across the sector. If their focus areas are not the right fit, they may be able refer you to another funder who is – or other community sector organisations you may be able to do a joint application with or gain advice from. So, do some homework on which foundations fund projects in your area of work. The Grants Hub makes this really easy by providing a direct link to funding provider details, so consider making that call today – nothing ventured nothing gained.

Lesley Harris
Capacity Building Coordinator
The Grants Hub


Congrats to Lesley!


Our Capacity Building Coordinator, Lesley Harris, was recently featured by the CBR Innovation Network for her work in founding Capital Giving in the ACT.

Capital Giving is a collective brought together by a common wish to support projects that advance opportunities for women and girls in the ACT community and surrounds.

Working with individuals throughout the year to collect small donations, Capital Giving then offers one grant round per year to distribute the funds. Each person's small contribution essentially becomes a one larger grant which can make a real difference to the recipient.

Keep up the great work Lesley!

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Education Grants


Our featured grants this week are education-themed with upcoming deadlines from government, business, and philanthropic providers. We have quite mix ranging from grants for early and mid-career professional development, to grants for prevention initiatives that address youth crime. There is even one for recreational fishing education.
A further 550+ alternative grants with an educational element can be found by joining as a member and searching within our Directory.
Enjoy the rest of your week and I will be back next week with more grant highlights for you.

Grants Researcher

Student Mentoring Program

Supports Victorian organisations and government schools develop new or expand existing mentoring programs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Unspecified Amount  |  09 Nov 2017  |  VIC


The Andrews Foundation - Education

The Trust will accept applications from kindergartens, schools (primary and secondary) for projects of building or equipment and innovative programs that will assist students.

Up to $20,000  |  10 Nov 2017  |  VIC


Early Childhood Professional Development Grants

Funds access to professional development activities for NSW early childhood staff, including educators and teachers, educational leaders, service directors, and administrative staff.

Up to $2,500  |  10 Nov 2017  |  NSW


NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts Fund

Provides funds for recreational fishing education, access and facilities, research, and habitat rehabilitation and protection.

Unspecified Amount  |  24 Nov 2017  |  NSW


Human Rights Innovation Fund

Provides grants to Indigenous organisations working to: end youth incarceration; and/ or support Indigenous individuals/ families/ communities experiencing youth detention.

Up to $8,000  |  30 Nov 2017  |  National


Back to School Program

Helps rural, regional and remote students access quality educational experiences by providing $50 gift vouchers, which are redeemable for items such as school uniforms, clothing, shoes, school bags and stationery necessary to start the 2018 school year.

$50  |  30 Nov 2017  |  National


Whites Rural Community Grants

Designed to make a difference to kids in regional, rural, and remote areas.

Up to $4,000  |  30 Nov 2017  |  National


Beyond the Range - Professional Experience Grants

Supports high-achieving preservice teachers to undertake a professional experience in a rural or remote Queensland state school.

Up to $2,000  |  30 Nov 2017  |  QLD


Norman Catts Trust

Aims to support the schools and organisations involved in educating Aboriginal children.

Unspecified Amount  |  30 Nov 2017  |  National


Engaging Science Grants

Supports science engagement and communication projects, events and activities that increase the reach and impact of science in Queensland.

Up to $10,000 |  30 Nov 2017  |  QLD


Learning Grants Program

Funds programs which will focus on students from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Years 9 and 10 in Tasmanian Government schools

Up to $60,000  |  01 Dec 2017  |  TAS


The Capstone Editing Grant for Mid-Career Researchers

Provides seed funding for one researcher per year to undertake an innovative research project. The expectation is that the research project will gather preliminary data and lead to the development of a research council funding application.

Up to $10,000 |  30 Dec 2017  |  National


Visit to Casey's amazing new creative, entertainment & community facility


It was amazing to see local government and federal government funding come together to deliver this amazing new facility in Melbourne's southeast today. It's always great being able to see grant funding come to fruition!

Bunjil Place is a $125 million project that will "bring together an unprecedented mix of facilities including an outdoor community plaza, theatre, multipurpose studio, function centre, library, gallery and City of Casey Customer Service Centre all in one place." (See the Bunjil Place website for full details).

If you're in the area, make sure you drop in for a visit, as this truly is worth checking out.

Congratulations to the City of Casey on such an excellent project!

Grants in Australia Report

A recent report published by Our Community Pty Ltd presents feedback from 1,227 grant seeking organisations across Australia and provides valuable insights for both grant seekers and grant makers.

A troubling finding of the report, particularly given the resource challenges of grant seeking organisations, advises that over half of the organisations surveyed reported they’d started an application that were not submitted. The variety of reasons outlined in the report points to the importance of planning and implementation of systems to support the grant application process.

If nothing else, the review of grant eligibility criteria is ‘must do’ for grant seekers. Although identifying early on that your project or entity type does not align with the criteria may be disappointing, it will save hours in the long run. Furthermore, making contact with the funding body to clarify your questions about criteria and eligibility is equally important. If the fit isn’t right the contact may lead you to another funder who is more appropriate.

The investment of time in setting up a system to support the grant application process, often referred to as grant readiness, allows organisations to identify funding opportunities that align with their overall strategy and most importantly avoid the practice of trying to fit a square plug into a round hole.

The misalignment will stand out to funding bodies and waste valuable time of both grant seeker and funder.

Grant readiness systems can include a set of information containing a ‘wish list’ created during the strategic planning process, which may include evidence to support the project needs; along with sets of fundamental documents usually required by funders. Preparation is the key to minimising the time required to complete grant application and maximise the success rate of grant applications. That’s what we all want don’t we?

Lesley Harris
Capacity Building Coordinator
The Grants Hub


Read the full Grants in Australia report (links to external website)


$20,000+ Grants


This week we have a focus on $20,000 plus grants.

If you have all your documentation in order, don't be afraid to apply for larger funding amounts. The applications may be longer than those for smaller funding amounts, but the return on investment for the time you spend on the application could well pay off.

If you don't have your documentation in order yet, make sure you:

  • Set some fundraising goals now for 2018
  • Take the time to read funding guidelines for programs you would like to apply for in future rounds so you know what you need to have ready
  • Start a grants file so that you have draft application responses and supporting documentation ready to tweak for each application
  • Get project costings done and work out your co-contribution so you know how much you need to apply for.

If this all sounds like too much work, you may be interested in contacting one of our team members to help.

Jessie Ballantyne
Founder & Managing Director

P.S. Want to search more $20,000+ grants? Join The Grants Hub now.

Creative Learning Partnerships

Provides the opportunity for Victorian schools to partner with creative professionals or arts and cultural organisations.

Up to $35,000|  09 Oct 2017  |  VIC


World-Class Accelerator Program

Focuses on building capability and excellence, by funding organisation(s) to deliver world-class accelerator program(s) that will further enhance the Victorian startup ecosystem.

Up to $3,000,000|  10 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Community Education Program Grants

Supports Australian youth under two categories: Empowerment & Education; and Outreach Programs.

Up to $50,000|  13 Oct 2017  |  National


Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

The Foundation offers funding for a broad range of community needs and aims to fund projects that are focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged local people.

$10,000 - $500,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Community Program Grants

Aims to enhance protective factors of offenders in relation to their recidivism. Community Program Grants may have longer delivery timeframes or require significant investments by the funded organisation.

Up to $40,000|  16 Oct 2017  |  SA


Building Stronger Communities Grants Program - Community Facility Maintenance

Aims to improve the quality of a facility; increase, maintain or enhance participation and community access; or improve the flexibility of the facility so it encourages the development of multi-use, sharing and co-locating facilities.

Up to $100,000|  23 Oct 2017  |  QLD


Strong & Resilient Communities - National Research Grants

Funds one-off research and advice projects that impact on community resilience and social cohesion in Australia and reflect current Government priorities, address emerging issues and/or providing innovative solutions to issues of national significance.

$20,000 - $150,000|  26 Oct 2017  |  National



Sustainable Regions Grants - Seed Grant

Helps build, test or pilot innovative ideas or help organisations get started through core operations and capacity building. Targeted at charitable and social enterprise projects.

$100,000 - $1,000,000|  27 Oct 2017  |  National


Harold & Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust

Provides funding to support the purchase of equipment and instruments for the purpose of medical research into all aspects of medicine or surgery.

$10,000 - $40,000  |  27 Oct 2017  |  VIC


Impact Investment Ready - Discovery Grant

Supports not-for-profit organisations to explore pathways to financial sustainability and plant the seed for impact investment propositions.

Up to $50,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  National


Business Acceleration Grants

Supports organisations to scale up innovative approaches faster. They are seeking ideas that are big and bold, that can significantly improve outcomes in the NSW disability sector.

Up to $2,000,000|  30 Oct 2017  |  NSW


Heritage Grants Program

Offers assistance to private owners of State Registered heritage places to undertake urgent conservation works, or develop conservation management plans or strategies.

Up to $100,000|  31 Oct 2017  |  WA


Safer Communities Fund

Provides local councils and community organisations grants to boost efforts to address crime and anti-social behaviour and protect organisations that may be facing security risks associated with racial or religious intolerance.

Up to $1,000,000|  14 Nov 2017  |  National


Regional Events Scheme

Supports regional tourism events in WA.

$5,000 - $50,000|  12 Dec 2017  |  WA


NSW-Israel Research & Development and Technological Innovation Program

Provides one-off matched financial grants to assist NSW entities cooperate with an Israel entity on joint research and development projects.

Up to $250,000|  18 Dec 2017  |  NSW


The Amazon Influence

With Amazon arriving in Australia in the not-so-distant future (no dates have yet been announced), it was fascinating to hear local perspectives on the online shopping giant in Seattle, where its headquarters are located.

The company continues to grow rapidly - hiring a reported 26,000 new employees in 2017 alone. Many highly trained workers have taken advantage of the opportunity to re-invent themselves and successfully transition into the tech world. I spoke to one lady whose husband was made redundant following the downturn of the oil industry. He is highly skilled and highly qualified, yet found himself unemployed through no fault of his own. She feels so lucky that they have been able to re-locate to Seattle for his new job at Amazon - it has been life changing for their family.

Yet with thousands of people moving to Seattle in such a short space of time, housing prices have sky-rocketed. Many people who were renting now find themselves homeless due to unaffordable rent prices. There is an urgent need for more shelters across the city, as well as stable, permanent housing. The City of Seattle's Pathway's Home initiative is their new 'person-centered plan to reduce homelessness' in the city, investing almost $50 million into the issue.

Amazon itself is also committed to helping, and has formed an innovative partnership with Mary's Place - a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. The business has actually given Mary's Place half the space in one of its new buildings, rent-free, forever. They will also be covering the cost of all utility bills. The 47,000-square-foot space will have room for more than 200 people in 65 rooms. What an amazing partnership!

For me, the influence of Amazon was a reminder of both the positive and negative impacts that business can have on the local community. Sometimes, these impacts are part of natural cause-and-effect; providing more jobs has increased demand for housing, hence reducing housing affordability. For not-for-profits, it's a great example of forming partnerships with business, to work together to tackle issues.

This is where philanthropy moves beyond grants. Don't get me wrong, grants are amazing. Yet ultimately they are one of many tools that can make a difference. For sustainability, grants can't be used alone like an island, they must be part of a broader fundraising and partnership program that work together to create long term change.

On our personal business front, we're excited to have a new Capacity Building Coordinator, Lesley, on the team, who will be working with organisations to develop sustainable fundraising programs. You can find out more about Lesley and get in touch with her on our team page.